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10 things to do with a condom

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With a Condom

Sure, we all know the purpose of a condom.  And nothing is more important than keeping those little spermies from reaching their target before you want them to.  But did you know there are other uses for a condom?  Check out our top 10 things you didn’t know you could do with a condom!  Remember, unless you want an extra dose of grease, use a non-lubricated condom for these applications!

  1.  Put it on a banana.  OK, let’s get the sex ones out of the way first.  Other than the obvious, the most popular use for a condom it to teach others how to use a condom.  And nothing compares to a penis better than a banana.
  2. Use it as a watershield.  Condoms are waterproof.  So use it to create a water-tight seal anytime you need it, whether it’s wrapping it around your watch before you go swimming or sticking you iPhone in it so it doesn’t get wet.  The possibilities are endless.
  3. Create an ice pack. This works so much better than wrapping ice in a towel because again, condoms are waterproof.  Fill your condom with water and freeze.  Simple.
  4. Protect Your Weapon.  No, your real weapon.  The army for years have given soldiers condoms to wrap their weapons and protect them from the elements, particularly sand and water.
  5. Open a Jar.  Forget those fancies jar openers.  They are all essentially just made out of rubber or latex so next time those pickles are giving you a hard time, wrap a condom around the lid and twist.  The extra friction will help pop that baby right open.
  6. Waterproof Your Cast.  A broken limb sucks.  Showering with a cast sucks even more.  To protect your plaster, cut the end off a condom and wrap the whole thing in latex.  Did we mention condoms are waterproof?
  7. Start a fire.  It’ll make a pretty nasty smell initially, put a condom will burn quicker than most kindling.  Use the condom to get the kindling going, than use the kindling to get a fire going.
  8. Make a Water Balloon.  Seriously.  Pick up some free condoms from your favorite health center, fill it with water and have an epic water balloon fight.  Did you know a condom can hold up to 4 quarts of water?
  9. To Smuggle Drugs.  OK – we’re not really encouraging this but did you know the average drug mule swallows between 80 – 125 condoms containing between 800g and 1.25kg?
  10. Wear them as socks.  Really.  Have you ever been barefoot and looked at the ground and thought “Oh shit!  Sticking my foot in a condom would be so much better than stepping on this nasty floor?”  Well then grab a pair and go for it, you feet might not breathe but they’ll be protected.  As a bonus, get lubricated condoms and you might get super soft feet at the end!

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