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Month: October 2017

Animals Masturbate Too

You’re Not Alone – Animals Masturbate Too

No man is an island. And no species is either. Anyone who has ever watched a dog or cat go at it knows that masturbation is not just a human need. But it’s not just mammals that masturbate, other species also like to get off. Sexual pleasure is as natural as, well, nature! So who else is rubbing one out?

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Pre Flight Checklist

Pre-Flight Checklist

Before I begin any aircraft operations, I do a complete and thorough check of my airplane. This is not always a fun task, in fact it can be long and arduous. But I know if I don’t complete it thoroughly and correctly, an aircraft accident is likely to occur. Similarly, before I begin any dating operation, I also do a complete and thorough check of my own equipment. Sometimes it’s fun, and yes, it can also be long and arduous. But I know that a thorough checklist can prevent any equipment malfunction.

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Mans Guide Tub

A Man’s Guide: Tips and Advice for Tugging in the Tub

There are two types of men in this world, men who jack off in the shower and those who sing. Which one are you? This guide is meant to share some of the most trusted products, tips and advice for shower time fun.

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Improving Your Oral Sex Skills

Oral sex is probably one of the most important parts of foreplay and can make a woman orgasm. It’s also a great way to work your woman up. This tactic can work two fold by increasing her arousal and reducing the pressure on you for not lasting a long time during sex. This article will teach you techniques on how to give a gal oral sex that will leave her breathless and help you find out exactly what your partner likes.

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Prostate Awareness Month

Although not as popular as its cousin, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, September is Prostate Awareness Month.

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Solo Box

What’s in the SOLO Box

The Hand Pilot is a unique subscription box. Each box is curated to fit your declared experience and intensity level. Every box, every month will be different in order to ensure that each month you will experience a new sensation. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but there are certain things you can expect every month.

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