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Month: May 2018

Male Menopause- Yes, It’s Real!

Women are often warned about the “change of life” but with men it’s just not spoke about.

There are vitamins, dietary supplements, greeting cards and even a musical about it.  What is often not talked about, however, is male menopause.  While the change may not be as dramatic, male menopause is a very real physical and physiological change that happens as men age.  However, because men are often not comfortable about seeking treatment, doctors have had difficulty isolating their symptoms and making a correct diagnosis.  Thanks to new studies, though, doctors have become more aware of this problem and are beginning to realize the importance of treatment. Read More >

Don’t Blow Off Mother’s Day!

Listen up guys!  Sunday is Mother’s Day!  While the day is traditionally devoted to the woman who gave you life, let’s think for a moment about the woman who gave your children life.  After all, before she became a mother, she was your lover. Read More >

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