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Month: December 2018

Men’s Favorite Condoms

We all have our favorite condoms.  Some men prefer lubricated while some go for the ribbed.  Your condom choice has as much to do with your partner’s preference as it does your own so make sure you take their needs into consideration before purchasing.  Here are what are customers tell us are their favorites! Read More >

Lady Genevieve’s Top Stocking Stuffers

Contrary to belief that I may be on Santa’s naughty list, he happily informed me that I could find myself on his nice list.  And by Santa… I am referring to my bank account.  That’s right everyone, it’s Lady Genevieve’s HOLIDAY WISH LIST!  Now some of what I’m throwing on here may be what I’ve already reviewed and some of it may be on my actual wish list (wink wink nudge nudge my dearest Pollyanna).  And what would a wish list be without some smaller novelty gifts and stocking stuffers?! Read More >

Ask Us!

Did you know we have a Pure Chat feature??  We do and it allows you to talk to one of our sexperts in real time!  If no one is available, you can still ask your question and you’ll receive an email response.  We’ll be looking at some of our Pure Chat questions and featuring them in a regular column.  Here’s the first question from Kevin:

Lately, I have not been lasting long.  I only last 1 or 2 minutes.  What can I do to last longer? Read More >

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