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Month: February 2019

What’s Your Favorite Lube?

“What’s your favorite lube?” is question we are of often asked at Fantasy Gifts NJ. Just like everything we sell, the answer can be somewhat subjective. It depends on the persons needs, uses, price point and personal preferences. But we do have a few go to favorites!

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 Pleasure products manufacturer Sola is touting the results of a global survey, the 2019 Sola Sex Study, that suppports “the sex-positivity and sex-intelligence of sex toy owners.” The results show that sex toy owners are smarter than non-sex toy owners when it comes to sex and sexuality.

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Lady Genevieve Reviews the Satisfyer for Men Heat Vibration

I figured we’d take a break from all the couple-y toys (cause trust me, there’s more a cumin’), and help some of you fellas warm up this winter.  I’ve been fascinated with a lot of the masturbators that have been coming out this past year – mostly due to the fact that companies are pumping out new products for men this past year, but also…. penis envy.  Since Lance has been extremely helpful with many of my entries, I decided to treat him to one of our new Satisfyers – The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration.  You’re probably thinking one of two things: either “wow she really loves that brand” or “they really couldn’t think of a clever name, could they?”  He was so cute being all “Oh no, you didn’t have to get me that” and “please, babe, don’t buy me anything else” as if some of this wasn’t somewhat selfish on my end (insert smiling purple devil emoji here).

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