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Month: September 2019

Lady Genevieve has the Sexy Scoop on Anal Play

It’s the second most wonderful time of the year (in the sex toy industry, of course) – ANAL AUGUST. And no, it does not refer to all of you being anal in getting everything together for back to school.  Just like Masturbation May, Anal August is a month wide celebration of all forms of sexual intercourse with one of our most important holes AND since (mostly) everyone has one – EVERYONE CAN ENJOY! Unless you really don’t like anal, then don’t worry about it, there’s always the next blog.

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Role Playing

Interested in role playing? You’ve come to the right place! Role Playing can spice up any relationship – new or old! Role Playing gives you the opportunity to become someone else or act out your wildest fantasies, all without leaving the comfort of your current relationship!

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