The Hand Pilot - Subscription Box for Men for Masturbate

The Hand Pilot Subscription Box for Men

The Hand Pilot is more than just a subscription box for men.  We are the world’s first subscription box for men who masturbate.  We’re basically a masturbator of the month club.  You should know we are not trying to be all things to all people.  We stand for maximizing men’s sexual gratification, period.  That’s about it.  If you want to learn more about men, masturbation and sex, then this is for you.  Each month or quarter (your call) we will send you a different box with products specifically designed to blow your mind when flying as a solo pilot or with a copilot (again, your call).

Yes, we know you can just use your hand.  We know that’s cheaper and easier.  But it’s definitely not better.  Your hand is no match for the power of modern technology.  Your hand is incapable of providing you the anticipation that builds from not knowing what’s in store when your next box arrives.  Frankly, your hand is better for shaking other hands and not yourself.  So, if you’re a man who likes to do everything better, shouldn’t you start with your own orgasm?

It’s well known guys are simple and uncomplicated creatures that are either thinking about sex or about to think about sex.  And how could you not, triggers are everywhere, since half the population is female.  All it takes is a glimpse of cleavage, a well-shaped rear end or a pretty smile to send the mind thinking, wow! I’d tap that.  What does this say about men and why men masturbate so frequently?  Our blogs and newsletters will cover such subjects and many others like: how to do it better, make it last longer, feel amazing, pleasure yourself, pleasure your partner and general sexual wellness.

You may obviously have more on your mind than just sex – maybe not much more, but still.  If you’re looking for some self-improvement in areas other than sex, there are plenty of resources out there and we’re happy to provide some recommendations.  For example,  if you care about your career, we like Capable Men. Do you want to dress better?  Read Gentleman’s Gazette.  Want to know how to shave or manage your beard?  Tools Of Men is a great resource.

But if you care about sex – how to do it better, make it last longer, feel amazing, pleasure yourself, pleasure your partner or if you care about sexual wellness –  then we can help.  Our newsletter and blog  have the information and resources you need to enjoy sex more.  Do you want to know the right kind of lubricant?  Concerned about prostate cancer?  Curious about how to jerk off in the tub?  We believe that by focusing on one thing, we can be your sexual flight instructor.  So, feel free to submit any and all questions to  We’ll try and answer as many as we can.  And stay tuned.  Because we’re more than just a masturbator subscription box club, we’re a do everything better in the sack club.  And we’ll do our best to make sure you have a rock’n flight.


  1. Count me in. I’ve been a bater all my life and love to do it, talk about it, read about it, shar it, and watch others do it.

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