Why Is Masturbator Better Than Your Hand? Try One and You'll Know!

Why is a Masturbator Better Than Your Hand?

Why is a masturbator better than your hand?  It’s the number one question we get at The Hand Pilot.  Although all men masturbate, very few use a masturbator to enhance the experience so when we explain that we are a masturbator subscription box, many men say “My hand works fine and it’s free!”  Well, women could say the same thing but they don’t.  They have learned that vibrator technology has surpassed the ability of their fingers alone.  For those of you who have never tried a masturbator, let us try to explain.

When you’re in a relationship for any length of time, it becomes familiar or routine.  At the beginning, sex is passionate, exciting and new.  But most long term relationships fall under the umbrella of “comfortable.”  There’s nothing wrong with comfortable.  Comfortable is reassuring.  You always know what you get with comfortable.  But comfortable struggles to be passionate, exciting and new.  So if you’re in a relationship, you start to introduce new things.  Maybe you bring in sex toys, try role playing or even just a new position, whatever it takes to shake things up.

The same analysis holds true when masturbating. You’ve been stroking away with your hand since you first discovered that it leads to a pleasurable orgasm.  You’ve masturbated hundreds, probably thousands of times.  You might get crazy every once in a while and try a lotion or lubricant but at the end of the day, it’s just you and your hand with the goal of achieving a gratifying release. What if your “hand” could be replaced with something that actually can and will create anticipation and a much better experience?  Modern technology has brought so many new toys to the market,  you could literally buy a new one every week for years and never run out of new toys to try.  Why so many new toys?  Men are finally coming to the realization that sex toys aren’t just for women anymore.  

More Men Want Sex Toys

According to a survey conducted by We-Vibe, 79% of men believe that sex toys are for everyone, men and women, gay or straight. Manufacturers are responding to the demand by coming up with innovations that have not been seen before.  Remember when the Fleshlight first came out and it was revolutionary?  As great as the Fleshlight continues to be, there are toys that are so much more than just a depository for your junk.  Some toys, like Zero Tolerance’s line of  Perfect Strokers come with an insane vacuum seal that creates a suction like nothing you’ve ever felt before.  The Zen line from Tenga looks like it should be in art museum and its ridges and nodules create an awesome friction.  Toys like Sir Richard’s Element MS vibrating sheath takes the sleeve to a new level with an intense level of vibration that just feels so damn good.  And the rise in prostate toys is going to make you wonder why you’ve been avoiding them for so long.  Even the old-fashioned cock ring has improved thanks to the We Vibe Verge which not only acts as a cock ring but also stimulates your taint for an explosive orgasm.

If your partner doesn’t like the idea of you owning a masturbator, tell her to fuck off and hide her vibrator until she gets with the program.  Or work her into the mix – the Good Head Helping Hand from Doc Johnson lets her stroke you during oral sex – it’ll be less of a job for her and more pleasure for you.

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