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A Maysturbation Guide

May has cum, meaning that it is International Masturbation Month. We know is it not the most known sexual holiday but we want to spread the word to all of you and show you some of the essentials to truly enjoy this self loving month.

First things first is finding the best toy for you. There is such a large selection to choose form you might get lost or overwhelmed by everything. If you are a female there are many options to choose from like clitoral stimulation and toys that try to hit your g-spot. For men there are different choices like strokers or sleeves and even toys dedicated to your prostate.

For now lets focus on the men toys. The most common toy known for men toys is the Fleshlight. That is just scratching the surface of the types of toys you can get.

Starting off with strokers and sleeves, where the majority of male toys are

classified as. Companies such as Doc Johnson, Zolo, and Pipedream all have different types of strokers and sleeves. Some of the more popular ones we carry are the Zolo’s Zeppelin, the Satisfyer Men, and many more that you can find on out Top 10 page.

If you are looking for something more stimulating may we interest you in a prostate toy. Prostate toys are designed to give you the best stimulation for

your prostate gland. Since the prostate gland is only about 2-3 inches deep most toys are designed to not go far pasted that giving you the extra stimulation anyone could ask for. Some examples of some toys are The Great Prostate from Zero Tolerance and Element PM from Pipedream.

After find the right toy the next step is to pick up the right type of lube. What many men fail to realize that most of these toys are basically impossible to use without it. Depending on your toy you have to be care on the type of lube you choose. For example never use a silicone lube with a silicone toy as it can destroy the toy. The best choice is a water-based lube. It can come in different flavors and verities

and to top it all off since it is water-based it can be absorbed by your skin and is the easiest type of lube to clean up. Additionally, it can be with other stimulating sensations like warming or cooling. Most men prefer the

warming sensation because it gives some of the toys a more “realist” feeling. Some really good choices are Fleshlube Fire from Fleshlight, Main Squeeze Cooling, and if you are looking for something thicker yet still water-based then check out System JO H2O Anal.

You can not forget the most important part now can you, the clean up. Just running your toy under warm or hot water

Image result for fleshwash

does not keep it actually clean you need the right cleaning product. One of the products we offer is the Fleshwash created by Fleshlight. It is an antibacterial toy cleaner that will work for you.

Now you have all you need to masturbate, enjoy this month and try to find new things that you might love. Self-love is the best kind of love.

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