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Celebrate Steak and a BJ Day!

In a country with hundreds of useless holidays (Talk Like a Pirate Day, anyone?), it’s nice to finally see a holiday recognize two things that are so important to the men in this country – beef and blow jobs.

That the two are so utterly intertwined cannot be doubted. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or Kim and Kanye. Steak and blow jobs are to men what wine and chocolate are to women – two things we simply cannot live without!

Americans consume, on average, 55.6 lbs of red meat a year and we spend over $142 billion annually on meat products. According to a Finnish study, men eat more red meat than women. So we know men have a vested interest in steaks. And obviously, they have the only interest in blow jobs! Hence a holiday only a man could create!

No one is quite sure of the origins of this holiday, but most sources agree you can blame a radio show host out of Boston named Tom Birdsey. You can tell a man created it because the holiday is simple, self-explanatory, requires no special gift or card, and the man gets everything out of it. From it’s small, humble, beginnings around 2002, it has now become a thing, garnering several websites, its own Twitter handle, a Facebook account, t-shirt and sticker promotions, and over 1 million hits on Google.

Never one to miss a holiday, especially one with sex as its basis, The Hand Pilot has gotten into the action by offering a free BJ Blast on March 14 with every on-line purchase! So tell the ladies – you got Valentine’s Day – let’s give this one to the guys! Celebrate Steak and a BJ Day on March 14th!


  1. So a full sex day (Valentine’s that is ) was not a man’s day and we felt the need for a real man’s day which is an oral sex (one way) and that’s all .. ?
    Because men don’t really like women , right? And women are asexual and only need some cards. Brilliant! If so , what about ‘cake and cunnilingus day ‘ then ? It’s there since 2006 .. But I forgot ..we said no interaction with woman’s body …

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