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Dildos Make Their Way to Wall Street

Dildos Make Their Way to Wall Street

Wall Street just got covered in dildos and Vladimir Putin is holding the reigns…literally. The Wall Street Charging Bull sculpture was recently covered in a ton of dildos in all colors of the rainbow. A shirtless man wearing a Putin mask climbed up on his back to make the politically-charged art piece complete.Dildos on wall street

The man behind the art and the mask was Jeff Jetton. Many thought it was a commentary on Putin’s alleged control of the United States. Jetton said it’s open for interpretation and he wants people to see it however it makes most sense to them.

It took 130+ dildos adorned the infamous bull and according to Jetton, they were donated by an unnamed adult entertainment company.

“Anybody who tells you sex toys aren’t good tools of resistance has never had a bag of dicks and a little bit of ingenuity,” says Jetton.

Despite concealing his face in a mask, the NYC Police tracked Jetton down. Thankfully, it’s just a non-criminal code violation. While the officers were citing him, they laughed—even they see the humor and ridiculousness in pressing charges.

According to multiple news sources, Jetton owns a ramen shop in Washington, D.C. and decided to personally investigate the Russia-Trump connection via public information.

Dildos on Wall Street
Activist Jeff Jetton, bare chested and wearing a mask to portray Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, sits on the Wall Street bull sculpture covered with sex toys in a still image from video taken in New York City, U.S. July 16, 2018. Video taken July 16, 2018. Joe Fionda/@fiondavision via REUTERS.

Redditors has some conspiracy theories of their own as to whom was really behind the prank. The statue is in an area patrolled by the police 24/7. One Redditor went as far to say the cops were really behind this and that all the sex toys were confiscated from prostitutes they’ve arrested over the years.

Many people also took to social media to comment on the piece. One woman on Twitter commented that it must be a great day for crypto currency, since the pranks was more than likely a good thing for the market.

The Charging Bull statue was sculpted by artist Arturo Di Modica. He had no comment on the vandalizing of his art work.

Watch the official video on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=nFufcyIL_nE

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