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Lady Genevieve Has the Sexy Scoop on Prostate Milking

Ever since fit has become a fad and athleisure has racked in hundreds of billions of dollars since 2015 -and continues to do well since- it is as not surprising that sexual health is following suit (but still semi surprising but that’s another issues).  Kegels and prostate milking are the new squats and power lifting.  Okay… maybe it’s not that intense, BUT the health benefits of these “exercises” are more important that you may realize – and if you do, keep reading anyway, there’s still more good stuff in here.

Prostate milking may not be “considered” as much of an exercise like kegels, but it is when it comes to prostate health.  In my time at the store, it appears as though the push for better prostate help is on the rise – at least in the sex toy department.  Again, it is not JUST about pleasure, but in addition to the physical health benefits, WHY NOT?!  Prostate milking is when you massage the prostate gland (or p-spot) easily located in a man’s rectum.  Compared to the woman’s g-spot, this has more of a definite position and texture when locating it.  The “pleasure” aspect of it of course is heightened sensation and possibly stronger or larger ejaculations, but the medical benefits are just as useful when it comes to pleasure as well.  Prostate milking helps remove blockage in your pipes, help alleviate erectile dysfunction, and help the discomfort from painful urination or reduced flow.  Obviously, if any of this is happening to you right now, you should probably see a doctor first.  But, this can be a great way to prevent some health issues.  Again, I am NOT a medical doctor so PLEASE see them if something is wrong.  YOU KNOW YOUR BODY BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.


Dr Joel Kaplan Silicoe Prostate Locator

I would HIGHLY recommend investing in the Dr. Joel Kaplan Silicone Prostate Massager.  I’ve had plenty of customers come in with recommendations from doctors suggesting to look into Dr. Joel products and that is because they aren’t “fancy”, they are tools just as much as they are toys.  This guy is made totally of silicone and is shaped in a way that a partner can help you, or you can use it on yourself.  It has a little handy-dandy finger ring so you can’t lose it – but PLEASE do not let go.  It is not a butt plug so there is no “base” to stop it from being sucked it.  This prostate massager is also fairly skinny, about the thickness of a marker, maybe smaller in the middle. I’d say “about the size of my finger,” but I know everyone has different sized fingers. This can simulate a smaller finger – which is less scary in my opinion – and because of its size, it is a great start to anal play and pegging for men.  And they say sex toy manufactures don’t make enough stuff for men – LOOK AT ALL THESE BENEFITS.  This is actually one of Lance’s favorite and since it is small enough and he is used to but play, we do not need to invest in relaxers or thicker lube.  Obviously, use what you feel comfortable with but since this is silicone, stay away from silicone lubes.


If you’re not sold on using toys for pleasure, consider them tools to keep some of your most precious parts in their best shape and function.  I mean, some of the body parts I discussed help build relationships and create life (if you’re into either of those things).  If you’re going to take care of yourself, make sure you cover every aspect of yourself.


Stay sexual!

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