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Lady Genevieve Reviews the Satisfyer for Men Heat Vibration

I figured we’d take a break from all the couple-y toys (cause trust me, there’s more a cumin’), and help some of you fellas warm up this winter.  I’ve been fascinated with a lot of the masturbators that have been coming out this past year – mostly due to the fact that companies are pumping out new products for men this past year, but also…. penis envy.  Since Lance has been extremely helpful with many of my entries, I decided to treat him to one of our new Satisfyers – The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration.  You’re probably thinking one of two things: either “wow she really loves that brand” or “they really couldn’t think of a clever name, could they?”  He was so cute being all “Oh no, you didn’t have to get me that” and “please, babe, don’t buy me anything else” as if some of this wasn’t somewhat selfish on my end (insert smiling purple devil emoji here).

So, I’m going to kind of do some things backwards and describe the details of the toy before going over my experience because you may need this to help understand the rest.  It’s a black soda can sized (just a little wider) masturbator that mimics a combination of vaginal and oral stimulation.  The outside is made of ABS plastic while the inside is made of silicone somewhat in the shape of a mouth.  It is also covered in IPX7 that Satisfyer has all over their website – it’s just a waterproofing seal.  Magnetic recharging and easy to clean with lukewarm water, mild soap, and a good ole’ toy cleaner, obviously just don’t submerge it in the tub or sink because that stuff isn’t always covered in their 10-year warranty.  It has 4 “buttons” on it (more like the iPhone’s thumb reader): the power button, plus (+), minus (-), and a thermometer for the heat.  There are 3 heat levels and go as high as 40 degrees Celsius – that’s 104 degrees Fahrenheit – and 70 different vibration programs.

Now for the good stuff:  When we first used it, it was during a mutual masturbation session, but mostly just on Lance.  We were both trying to figure out what the best way to use the Satisfyer since it isn’t extremely deep and you can’t really use it for long strokes.  We had it at the highest level of vibration and I kept pushing the heat button, but I was never able to be sure of the heat variations because there’s no indicator of what level it is on.  We both started figuring out how to best use it with smaller and quicker strokes.  This became more of foreplay for us so a lot of clean up wasn’t totally necessary.  Lance used it again on his own and found his own rhythm.  He avoided the high vibrations because it felt like it was numbing and he’s also not a fan of pattern vibrations so he didn’t venture far from the starting setting.  He mentioned that he didn’t realize how warm it got, because the higher vibration settings seemed to dilute the heat initially – he didn’t feel like he had burnt himself but it was a surprise at first and ultimately he did enjoy the warmth.  He said clean up wasn’t so terrible, but because it is black and domed, it is hard to fully see on the inside to make sure it’s clean so he was far more thorough with cleaning it than I’ve ever seen him before with other toys he’s owned.

He said it feels a little “cheap” and “kid-like” because of the ABS plastic but he did identify that he’s so use to manual pocket pussies, it was a different experience for him.  He did fill me in on some charging issues, but my vagina senses are telling me he’s doing something wrong to cause this.  I agree with him on the depth of the Satsfyer Men Heat Vibration – the expectation that someone will bottom out on this thing in too real and since it doesn’t tighten-up, you really have to figure out how to stroke using it (unless the vibrations alone can do it for you, but like I said earlier I wouldn’t know because… vagina).   I know it’s probably meant for head stimulation mostly (the heat is ONLY located right at the top), but the vibrations can be found everywhere and there’s a little bump towards the end to mimic oral stim.  He thinks anyone with a longer or girthier penis wouldn’t enjoy this as much. I did recommended to him to use a cooling lube (water-based of course), because the combination of the heat and the cool tingle would probably be a magical combination.  I’m not one to brag but, apparently I was right (which I already knew… hair flip).  Despite some of the feedback he’s given, Lance would recommend this toy and actually plans on using it on his own so his hands don’t get so prune-y in the shower anymore – he says it’s just a matter of getting use to the change and it has rubbed off on him (rubbed him off???).

Stay Sexual (and warm!)

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