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Lady Genevieve’s Top Stocking Stuffers

Contrary to belief that I may be on Santa’s naughty list, he happily informed me that I could find myself on his nice list.  And by Santa… I am referring to my bank account.  That’s right everyone, it’s Lady Genevieve’s HOLIDAY WISH LIST!  Now some of what I’m throwing on here may be what I’ve already reviewed and some of it may be on my actual wish list (wink wink nudge nudge my dearest Pollyanna).  And what would a wish list be without some smaller novelty gifts and stocking stuffers?!


1) Lubesssssss

Yes, lubes are perfect for that Pollyanna gift or throwing in your significant other’s stocking… just be sure you are crossing any boundaries (cough cough Jim in audits, HR is only a couple of doors away) or they aren’t resting over an open fire… they are lubes not chestnuts.  System Jo does have a couple of box sets that would be great little sets.  We also carry favorites like Pjur and Wicked (we have a peppermint flavor, just so you knoooooow) that are always appreciated.


2) Evolved Bullets: Pretty in Pink, Purple Haze, and Little Dipper

I wrote on 2 of these before and there has been a new addition to the clitoral vibe family since I wrote about them (and I want to update that blog as soon as possible because Purple Haze feels so nice to the touch).  These guys are better categorized with good quality toys, but they’re so tiny, you can just throw them in a stocking.  I ABSOLUTELY ADORE these Evolved Products and I’m certain your significant other would love them too.


3) Tenga Eggs

These little pocket sized masturbators are great little stocking stuffers or for shoving in your suitcase when you go to meet family this season.  It may be tiny, but I PROMISE you, it stretches.  I was able to fit one over my entire head without it ripping so no need to worry about this length nonsense.  Don’t ask me what possessed me to do that…



Yes, yes, yes, obviously all toys are fun, but there is more fun out there than just vibrating toys!  We have naughty holiday dice and candy cane games, edible pasties, holiday undies, naughty hats, and penis shaped candy because who doesn’t love sucking on those things?! (YES I KNOW SOME PEOPLE DON’T IT IS JUST FIGURATIVE).  You don’t always have to splurge in order to really put together a heartfelt gift.


5) Condoms

I know, I know, I know – these really aren’t a “gift” but they are to those who want to have safe sex or protect themselves from getting pregnant.  Buy them as a gift for yourself, you can NEVER go wrong with carry them around.  I do and I’ve even handed out a few to people I knew were getting lucky that night.  The true gift that keeps on giving is NOT STI’s, but safe sex.


I hope this helped give you some wonderful ideas to cross off those people on your list, but there is SO much more in the store.  Stop in today and my coworkers and I would LOVE to help you find the perfect toy this season.


Sexy Sexual!

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