Lubricant 101. Everything you need to know about lubricant.
Lubricant 101

Lubricant 101

Think you know everything about lubricant?  Before just picking one up in the drugstore (or even worse, just spitting in your hand!), ask yourself why use lubricant, how will it affect your body and how can it enhance your experience?

The Hand Pilot believes that lubricant is an essential ingredient for any sexual encounter. Whether you are alone, or with a partner, a satisfying, healthy sexual experience must include lubricant. But which one and why?

Why use Lubricant?

The first factor to consider is why are you using a lubricant? Believe it or not, different lubricants can enhance or diminish a sexual experience. Are you using it alone or with a partner? If you are using it alone, are you using it with a toy or without a toy? Why does it matter? Because if you are using a silicone toy or a latex condom, you must not use a silicone based lubricant, like Pjur Eros Original Bodyglide, because it will break down the silicone material. This is not only bad for your silicone based sex toy but can be downright dangerous when you’re talking about a latex condom. Try a water-based lubricant like System Jo H2O Personal Lubricant. This high-quality, water based lubricant reactivates when you add more moisture to it so it will never become dry and tacky.

How will lubricant react with my body?

The second factor to consider is your own body. What sensitivities does your own body have? If you or your partner are prone to yeast infections, we do not recommend using a flavored lubricant. While flavored lubricants cannot cause a yeast infection, the sorbitol which provides the flavoring can feed an already existing yeast infection. If you are looking for a different sensation without the sorbitol, try a warming or cooling water based lubricant like System JO for Men Warming or Cooling Formula.

If you’re looking for a lubricant to enhance your masturbation experience, Wicked Creme Masturbation Cream is specifically formulated to enhance your experience.  The oil based lubricant will gently warm and melt with your own body and the sensation is unbelievable!

How can lubricant enhance the experience?

The third factor to consider is what experience are you hoping to enhance? If you anticipate oral sex (and do not have a yeast infection as discussed above) then we love the flavors of System JO H2O Flavored Lubricants. Available in vanilla, mint, tangerine, apple, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, and pomegranate, there’s a flavor for every taste! If you want to warm it up or cool it down, we like the System Jo for Men Warming and Cooling Formulas mentioned above. If you are going for anal play, you must have an anal based lubricant. The viscosity is thicker, making it perfect to protect the anus which does not produce its own moisture. Our favorite is Pjur Backdoor Silicone.

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