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Sex Ed

The Hand Pilot Schools You!

The Hand Pilot wants to school you on Sex Ed 101.

No matter how old you are, this time of year will always invoke childhood memories of back to school.  Even I can’t pass up at Staples without wanting to buy sharp new pencils and clean notebooks ready to fill with new ideas. Read More >

Lady Genevieve Reviews the Bullet Cock Ring from Nu Sensuelle

Sensuelle Remote Control Bullet Cock Ring

GIMME A C! GIMME A RING! WHAT’S THAT SPELL?! COCK RING!  Annnnnnd on that note, I give all of you full permission to judge me for my cheering skills… I only cheered for half a game of football before I quit.  So, what does a cis-woman (a female that identifies as a female) like me need a cock-ring for?  It is one of my favorite couple toys between Lancelot and I!  Read More >

Dildos Make Their Way to Wall Street

Dildos Make Their Way to Wall Street

Wall Street just got covered in dildos and Vladimir Putin is holding the reigns…literally. The Wall Street Charging Bull sculpture was recently covered in a ton of dildos in all colors of the rainbow. A shirtless man wearing a Putin mask climbed up on his back to make the politically-charged art piece complete. Read More >

If You’re Looking for a Perfect 10, Maybe You Need a Sex Doll!

If You’re Looking for a Perfect 10, Maybe You Need a Sex Doll!

With dating, relationships, and even hook up becoming more difficult, many men and women are pondering sex dolls.

In Spain, sex dolls could soon replace sex workers in brothels. Read More >

Tunes to Bang To

No one really wants silence in the bedroom.  The right playlist helps set the tone for bedroom fun. Like sex, the right playlist starts slow and builds to a rousing crescendo.  Then you need the right tunes to come down to.  If you don’t have a go to list of tunes, our friends at Spotify have listed some of the top tunes on users’ bedroom playlists.  Cue it up tonight! Read More >

Your Favorite Condoms

We all have our favorite condoms.  Some men prefer lubricated while some go for the ribbed.  Your condom choice has as much to do with your partner’s preference as it does your own so make sure you take their needs into consideration before purchasing.  Here are what are customers tell us are their favorites! Read More >

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