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Fleshlight Introduces Fleshlight Guys

Fleshlight Introduces Fleshlight Guys

Take your fave male porn stars home with you! The new Fleshlight Men line is here featuring hot, famous, and award-winning male stars Ryan Driller, Mick Blue, and Manuel Ferrara. Read More >

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The Hand Pilot Makes the PERFECT Wedding Gift

The Hand Pilot Makes the PERFECT Wedding Gift

It’s June and the start of a summer filled with weddings.

Legend has it if you say “I Do” in June, you’re a bride your whole life. The month June gets its name from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage—that’s why people believe being married in June leads to being blessed with prosperity and happiness. Read More >

Male Menopause- Yes, It’s Real!

Women are often warned about the “change of life” but with men it’s just not spoke about.

There are vitamins, dietary supplements, greeting cards and even a musical about it.  What is often not talked about, however, is male menopause.  While the change may not be as dramatic, male menopause is a very real physical and physiological change that happens as men age.  However, because men are often not comfortable about seeking treatment, doctors have had difficulty isolating their symptoms and making a correct diagnosis.  Thanks to new studies, though, doctors have become more aware of this problem and are beginning to realize the importance of treatment. Read More >

Don’t Blow Off Mother’s Day!

Listen up guys!  Sunday is Mother’s Day!  While the day is traditionally devoted to the woman who gave you life, let’s think for a moment about the woman who gave your children life.  After all, before she became a mother, she was your lover. Read More >

May Masturbation Month

May is Masturbation Month

What do 90% of men and 65% of women do on a regular basis but never admit to?

It’s masturbation! How is it that something so normal and natural has become socially stigmatized? Our guess is religion has something to do with it! You can be sure as soon as Eve found the apple, Adam found his penis. Read More >

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