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The Hand Pilot Rocks Movember

The Hand Pilot wants you to get your Mo on this Movember!  Stop shaving and bring awareness to men’s sexual health! Read More >

Spotlight On Men’s Toys

Are men and women equal when it comes to adult toys?  20% of all sex toys sold are vibrators, followed by dildos.   The market, however, appears to be changing as more vendors focus on men and their sexual needs.  And some of our best manufacturers have come out with new innovations in men’s sex toys!  Just in time for the holiday season! Read More >

And the New Fleshlight Girl Is . . .

AUSTIN — Fleshlight has added Lena Paul to its roster of Fleshlight Girls with the release of her “Lady” and “Butt” molded orifices.

“Lena Paul is an all-natural beauty who is well known for her 32DDD tits and amazing personality,” reads the performer’s bio on Fleshlight.com. “This girl is not only gorgeous and smart but she is also a sex lover who gives genuine performances in porn movies. She is only 5 feet 4 inches tall and 127 pounds, so her large chest really stands out. She has a 25-inch waist and a 36 inch ass to match.”

After doing her first did anal scene for Tushy in 2016, she just couldn’t stop, and now she has more than 40 anal sex scenes under her garter belt.

“She just loves the feeling of that backdoor pleasure, probably about as much as she loves other types of sex,” the company says. “Lena is a true sex lover which is why she wanted to become part of the Fleshlight Girls. In reality, she would rather get the chance to spend a bit of time with every single guy and gal who loves her, but that would be impossible and time consuming. So, instead, she wants her fans to have the true Lena experience through her Fleshlight. Experience the hot curves and nubs inside that are appropriate for a man of any size.”

The Hand Pilot is proud to feature Fleshlight products in its quarterly subscription boxes.

Originally published in XBiz, October 23, 2018.

Looking to Upgrade Your Penis Pump?

CalExotics prides itself on being a leader in innovation, and they’ve done it again with the world’s first truly smart pump from the Optimum™ Series collection. Read More >

Playing with Light Bondage

When potential suitors have asked, “What are you into?” I’ve often replied with “light bondage.”  Of course it always followed with “What is that?” so I was always prepared with some small examples that were easy to process but spoke novels.  The best example I’ve given is restraints because both beginners and those well established in the BDSM community have dabbled in bondage or restraints at some point.  I’ve used ties and scarves, ropes, metal handcuffs and fabric cuffs and my favorite thus far – a bed restraint. Read More >

Actively Trying to Get Pregnant?

Odd isn’t it?  It seems we spend the bulk of our sexually active life trying to NOT get pregnant but as soon as you want a baby, it all just becomes so much more complicated!  According to my high school gym teacher, I could get pregnant the first time (true), at any time of the month (also true) and my mother would know if I was having sex just by looking at me (quite possibly true).  So if it’s so easy to get pregnant, why do so many couples struggle to conceive? Read More >

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