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Jo Prolonger Spray with Lidocaine Male Genital Desensitizer


  • Manufacturer: System JO
  • Ingredients: Contains Lidocaine
  • Size: 2 fluid ounces

Jo Prolonger Spray with Lidocaine Male Genital Desensitizer 60ml e or approximately 2 fluid ounces. Enjoy intimacy and last longer. Jo Prolonger Spray is a maximum strength topical desensitizing spray specifically designed to slow the onset of ejaculation and enhance stay power. Apply a small amount to the head and shaft of the penis prior to intercourse to maximize pleasure. Contains Lidocaine.

Affordable Male Desensitizer Spray That Can Help You Last Longer

When it comes to sexual performance, anything that can help you to do more in bed is always welcome. Men have been using several tools and products in the past, but male desensitizer spray has to be one of the most effective. Essentially, male desensitizer spray is a product that helps men last much longer in bed by reducing the sensitivity of their penises while also helping them maintain their erections.

By limiting your sensitivity, the male desensitizer will help ensure that you can hold your erection and continue having sex for longer. If you’re a man with erectile dysfunction or you just want to last longer in bed, this is definitely something you should look into.

You might want to check out the Jo Prolonger Spray and see how it works for you. This prolonger for him is an exciting product that has been witnessing significant demand over the past few years. It is a male desensitizer that can be easily applied and works like a charm. Many people who have used it have asserted its efficiency, and the product’s performance definitely speaks for itself.

Why Purchase A Desensitizer Spray?

  • Helps You Last Longer
  • Prevents Premature Ejaculation

As you can imagine, the Jo Prolonger Spray helps slow the buildup of ejaculation while maintaining the strength and rigidity of your erections. All you need to do is take a little bit of it and add it to the shaft and head of your penis. Maximum pleasure is what this prolonger for him offers, and you will be able to perform at your best once again.

Rest assured that the male desensitizer spray doesn’t have any side effects. Just apply it and watch as you perform easily.

Get It at The Hand Pilot

The Hand Pilot is committed to ensuring that you can get your hands on everything that can help you maximize pleasure and sexual performance. We also supply different types of prolongers for him at our online store. The Hand Pilot is the best online platform to get the male desensitizing lube, and you can rest assured of optimal results when you use it.

Beyond its performance, we also guarantee that you can get the male desensitizer spray at affordable prices. You don’t have to break the bank to get optimal sexual satisfaction and performance. Keep in mind that its affordability doesn’t take away from its efficiency as a product. This male desensitizer will work for you as long as you need it to.

Our delivery experts at The Hand Pilot are also ready to see to your needs. We can get the prolonger for him to you in quick time and ensure that you don’t have to wait for days before you can get your hands on it. At the same time, we will deliver with complete discretion and ensure that you can maintain your privacy.

So, what are you waiting for? The Hand Pilot offers the perfect mix of affordability and quality for male desensitizer sprays, and you can get it by simply ordering from our online store. Place your order today! And for more options, check out our delay cream


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