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Juicy Lucy Self Lubricating Stroker


  • Manufacturer: Evolved Novelties
  • Materials: Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE
  • Size: 6.29 inches by 3.62 inches
  • Color: Beige
  • Features: slippery when you add just a little water
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Juicy Lucy Self Lubricating Stroker from Adam and Eve Toys. No lube no problem with this unique stroker. Specially formulated Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE becomes slippery when you add just a little water for realistic satisfaction. With sexy pink lips and tight textured pleasure canal. Size 6.29 inches by 3.62 inches.

Purchase The Best Self Lubricating Stroker

The Juicy Lucy self-stroker is a complete game-changer when it comes to masturbation. This self-lubricating stroker allows you to seamlessly masturbate and enjoy the pleasure of a realistic feel, ensuring that you won’t even need any extra lubricant to achieve sexual pleasure.

Like the Zolo Girlfriend Pocket Stroker, the Juicy Lucy Self Lubricating Stokers have been a recent growing trend as they provide reliable service and ensure that men get to achieve optimal pleasure on their own. With the Juicy Lucy self-lubricating stroker, you can take your masturbation to the next level. Not only is it a pleasure to use, but its ability to fit easily in your hand means you don’t need to spend as much time working it.

The Juicy Lucy also boasts features such as:

  • Is crafted with Thermoplastic Elastomers TPE
  • Stands at an easy-to-use 6.29 by 3.62 inches
  • Has a tight pleasure canal

All you have to do is put the Juicy Lucy self-lubricating stroker on your penis, and you’re ready to go.

Why Purchase A Self Lubricating Stroker?

  • Affordable Price
  • Very Realistic Feel
  • Easy To Use & Clean

If you’re looking for the best place to get the Juicy Lucy self-lubricating stroker, check out The Hand Pilot now to fulfill your every desire. Our mission is to ensure that you have everything you need to receive maximum sexual pleasure and this self-stroker is one of our best products to help achieve that goal.

We have the best self-stroker available on the market, and we will be able to deliver it to you immediately. Just fill in your order, and we’ll handle the rest.

Rest assured that our Juicy Lucy self-stroker is of the best quality, and you’ll feel pleasure every time you use it. The self-stroker is also durable and lasts long, so don’t worry about having to replace it anytime soon.

When you get a self-stroker from The Hand Pilot, it will be delivered to you in little to no time. No one should have to wait to get sexual pleasure. Check out our collection of realistic masturbators for men and place your order today!


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