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Quick Release Double Helix™


  • Get the support you need for the ultimate thrilling orgasm. This ring is designed to get you hard and keep you there!
  • Trim fit means pleasure that’s perfect for you. Customize your fit with just a quick trim.
  • This product is crafted with care in the U.S.
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    Enjoy double the arousal, stimulation, and extended play fun, with the Double Helix Quick Release erection enhancer. The easy to use enhancer is designed to offer a sensuous personalized fit for maximized seduction pleasure, and a prolonged rock hard performance. Indulge in mind-blowing encounters and endless erotic satisfaction every time. The enhancer is made from soft rubber and features two individual rings that are designed for personalized trim-to-fit sizing, and ensure ultimate comfort for stamina support that goes on and on. To use the double helix shaped enhancer, slip the large ring around the scrotum, and the smaller ring around the base of the erect penis, and trim the tubed rubber bands to size. Securely snap the two ends of each ring together, and prepare for tantalizing sensations.

    Suitable for first-time and experienced users, the enhancer is great for spontaneous exploration. To experience a longer lasting erection, slip the quick release rings on, and enjoy unlimited intimate play. To increase the pleasurable tingles, always use a quality lube with this toy. Before and after every use, remember to clean the rubber enhancer rings with a toy cleaner spray, or wash in warm soapy water.


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