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Screaming O Dynamo Delay Spray


  • Manufacturer: Screaming O
  • Materials:  Lidocaine USP 13% approximately 10 mg per spray.
  • Size: 33 x 59 x 135 mm
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This non-irritating spray temporarily prolongs the time until ejaculation using a concentrated 13% lidocaine formula, which provides a topical numbing sensation that works in minutes and lasts for hours! Improve stamina, increase endurance, and prolong pleasure without a prescription! Features: maximum strength Lidocaine. Lidocaine USP 13% approximately 10 mg per spray. Fast acting formula. Safe and effective. Clinically tested. Non-irritating. Registered with the Food and Drug Administration NDC 69664-001-01. Made in the USA. Uses: for temporary male genital desensitization, helping to slow the onset of ejaculation. Male Genital Desensitizer Spray helps in temporarily prolonging the time until ejaculation. For reducing oversensitivity in the male in advance of intercourse. Directions: apply 3 or more sprays, not to exceed 10, to head and shaft of penis before intercourse, or use as directed by a doctor. Wash product off after intercourse.


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