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Tenga Double Hole Cup


  • Manufacturer: Tenga
  • Materials: TPE, PE
  • Size: cup is 2.6 inches wide and 6.1 inches tall
  • Color: White
  • Features: One Time Use Recommended

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The “Deep Throat” cup of the Tenga masturbation cup series lets you experience a deep sucking sensation. Special valves create a virtual vacuum inside the cup, to deliver an amazing sucking sensation. The top air vent can be left open or closed, with fingertip, depending on your suction preferences. The unique pinched-in shape of the cup helps to achieve an unparalleled tightness. These advanced features combine with an arousing “slurping” sound and vibration give you the feeling that you’re enjoying a real deep throat experience.

From the front and from the back this masturbation cup, with two holes, allows you to enjoy different types of sensual sensations – the “Bitter Side” and the “Sweet Side”. The “Bitter Side” firmly tightens while the “Sweet Side” gently clings to your member. Normal use is one side at a time. But, using both sides of this cup simultaneously transports you to the virtual world of a “threesome”.

Tenga Cups designed for single use.

Measurements: cup is 2.6 inches wide and 6.1 inches tall

Materials: TPE, PE

Color: White

Note: One-Time Use Recommended.


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