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Robot Brothels Are Coming to the US

Houston Is About to Get a Robot Brothel

Yes, you read correctly. Canadian firm Kinky S Dolls has set their sights on Houston, Texas to expand their market into the U.S. It makes sense because they have tons of brothels—according to the Governor of Texas Greg Abbot, “the city has more brothels than Starbucks outlets”. And Houston has a lot of coffee shops, but what they’re missing is a robot brothel.

Kinky S Dolls self-dubbed themselves as the first “adult love dolls rent-before-you-buy service in North America”. They sell realistic life-sized dolls with basic artificial intelligence functions. They rent them by the half hour at their Toronto warehouse.

Kinky S Dolls expansion into the U.S. is being met with resistance from a Christian anti-sex trafficking/ anti-pornography group and Houston’s mayor. The mayor claims it’s not the type of business they want in Houston. Kinky S Dolls has not made a comment on these statements and they’re moving ahead, full steam forward.

The city has advised the owners of the property to cease construction and that they need a city construction permit that they haven’t applied for yet. Technically, there are no local, state or federal laws banning robot brothels. On Monday, a “Keep Robot Brothels Out of Houston” online petition was started and already has over 12k signatures.

Groups that are protesting the robot sex dolls compare them to pornography and say they create detachment from human relations. They believe the robot dolls will increase the demand for human prostitution and human trafficking.

Currently, Kinky S dolls offer nine dolls for sale on their site. A part-silicone blonde doll named Kim sells for under $3,500. She can speak and has a heated body.

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