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Role Playing

Role Playing

Interested in role playing? You’ve come to the right place! Role Playing can spice up any relationship – new or old! Role Playing gives you the opportunity to become someone else or act out your wildest fantasies, all without leaving the comfort of your current relationship!

In order to successfully role play, it helps if both partners are on the same page. If he comes home to find you dressed as a sexy nun but he isn’t down with playing the bad priest, you may have some issues. Communicate with your partner first to at least get a sense of what each of you are looking for in your role playing and what type of character you’d like to play.

Once you’ve established your character, set the scene. Are you playing stranger pick up? Pick a new bar to go to! For most fantasies, the comfort of your own home will work just fine.

Costumes can be another fun way to help you get into character.

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At Fantasy Gifts NJ we have tons to choose from – from sexy school girls to nurses, cheerleaders, cops, superheroes, executives – you name it! Or create your own – anything to help you get and stay in character!

Play it safe by making sure your fantasy actually includes your partner. If your partner’s fantasy is making love to your best friend, that’s probably not going to cut it for you. If his fantasy is a school girl but you have issues with that scenario, try another scene.

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Most importantly, have fun! Just exploring role playing can be a form of foreplay. Need some inspiration? Every decent adult movie has at least one scenario you can steal. Once you’ve decided on your fantasy, send a series of sexy texts to build up to the moment. Then just go for it!

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