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Spotlighting the Tenga Spinner

Tenga, a Japanese based manufacture of pleasure products, has gained a huge fan base for its creativity and function. Starting with the Tenga Egg, Tenga is one of the world’s best selling male masturbation line of toys. And they’ve recently added the Tenga Spinner to their line of male oriented toys.

The Tenga Spinner is a reusable, partially stretchable male pleasure item. Retailing for only $29.99 each version of the spinner creates a unique spiral motion. It comes in three colors and unique internal designs, the Tetra, Hexa, and Shell. It also comes with a drying stand, storage case, and pillow packet of lubricant.

The Tenga Spinner was designed with the same high standards of function and design which has made Tenga legendary in the adult industry.

Each Spinner is roughly
depth 1.77 inches by 1.77 inches in width by 5.11 inches in height, insertion length stretches to approximately 6.73 inches. Each having different levels of firmest for the best experience for you

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