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Our Story

Our Story

Male masturbation still remains an awkward subject that is all too often shrouded in shame and embarrassment.  Although most men masturbate a minimum of once a week, it’s usually done quickly and with a touch of shame afterwards.  And frankly, that’s not just unfair, it’s flat out wrong.  Masturbation for both sexes is healthy, natural and normal.  It shouldn’t be done quickly, as some kind of pressure release.  It should be fully enjoyed.  Male masturbation can make you harder, last longer, increase your immunity, boost your mood, prevent cancer, help you fall asleep and of course, feel awesome.

With that in mind, we created The Hand Pilot.  We want men to have an enjoyable, unique experience each time you go to satisfy that natural urge, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.  Each month, a carefully curated box will arrive to your door offering a new and fulfilling experience.  Whether you are married or single, every month you will have a chance to experience an orgasm different from the one you have with your partner or even with your own hand.  We’ll make it better, more satisfying, and more pleasurable. This is masturbation done the right way.

And, since we don’t want to leave couples out, we also offer a partner box.  So, whether you are flying solo or have a co-pilot, we can help you elevate your game and have a significantly enhanced experience.

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