How to Support Movember When You Can't Grow a Beard

How to Support Movember When You Can’t Grow a Beard

So you want to support Movember but you can’t grow a beard.  Well, since beards today tend to be the ultimate sign of trendiness and manliness, that kind of sucks for you, but no worries.  We have some tips to help you rock this Movember.

  •  Treat your face like you do your lawn.  That is, fertilize it regularly and you may be able to stimulate some hair production.  Beard Oils are all the rage now and readily available.  A good beard oil should have all natural ingredients with a blend of almond oil (to stimulate hair growth), argan oil (to moisturize), and castor oil (to eliminate dandruff, control itching and promote beard growth).  We like Beardaholic Beard Oil.
  • Feed your face carefully.  In other words, watch your diet.  Add in some folic acid (found in foods like leafy green vegetables, orange juice, beans, bread, cereal, rice and pasta).  Biotins are also effective.  A lack of biotins can lead to hair loss so a steady diet should counter that effect.  Biotins are found in eggs, almonds, whole grains, milk and meat.
  • Try a supplement.  If your diet is lacking, a good basic men’s vitamin should help provide you with your daily intake of folic acid and biotins.
  • Rock a style that supports your patchiness.  Try a goatee, a mustache or a soul patch.  Embrace the concept of a 5:00 shadow even if that shadow took you two weeks to grow.  Try a thin strap or chin strap.  Beard Style has great information on 30 styles you can try if you have a patchy beard.

Whatever you do, remember that Movember is more about men’s health than it is about not shaving.  If you really want to keep a clean face, you can always blame your partner or your boss.  Just don’t neglect your health.  Schedule that prostate exam, start exercising,  make a donation, check in with a friend, check your testicles, and remember that frequent masturbation is healthy and good for you so give The Hand Pilot a try!


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