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The Hand Pilot Features Tenga Products

The Hand Pilot proudly features Tenga products!  Known for their innovation and design, Tenga’s egg masturbators and cup series have revolutionalized the male sex toy market since its inception in 2005.  

The Tenga Cup Series includes the Standard Cup Series, offering a variety of functions, including suction, malleability to multiple insertion options. The UltraSize Series provides an optional size boost.

The Tenga Egg Series features strokes made of stretchable material that can fit users of almost any size. The external packaging of each egg reflects the internal details within them.

The Hand Pilot also offers other items from Tenga, such as the Tenga Flex, Tenga Flip Series and vibrators. The Tenga Flex comes in black and white and has a spiral-ribbed casing to create “spinning stimulation.” Cover the air hole at the top of the item during use, and the Flex will wind and unwind, creating a spiraling movement. The Flip Series features Tenga’s unique flip-open structure.

Tenga has a great reputation and customers love their products.  Other than Fleshlight, it’s the one product that most customers know by name.  Check out our Tenga offerings at The Hand Pilot!

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