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The Hand Pilot Makes the PERFECT Wedding Gift

The Hand Pilot Makes the PERFECT Wedding Gift

It’s June and the start of a summer filled with weddings.

Legend has it if you say “I Do” in June, you’re a bride your whole life. The month June gets its name from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage—that’s why people believe being married in June leads to being blessed with prosperity and happiness.

In medieval times, a person’s annual bath (yes, once a year they bathed) fell in May or June, so they would smell relatively fresh for the wedding.

Many women also chose June to conceive children, so it wouldn’t interfere with their harvest work when they delivered nine months later.

In today’s economy, June weddings make the most sense financially—they can get lower tax rates as a married couple and a substantial refund, if they’re married for most of a calendar year. This savings is traditionally used to defray the costs of the honeymoon.

Whether you’re getting married this June or next or attending a wedding, wedding gifts are important. Many couples have a registry, but the gifts can be pricey and won’t be remembered. The Hand Pilot makes the PERFECT gift—you can do with a monthly subscription of a Recreation Box at $19 a month (and pick how long you want the gifting to last) or go with the quarterly Captain or Commander boxes that are $49 and $79 each but look far more extravagant and will let you stay in your wedding gift budget easily. And you might even be able to get you own box (or boxes) with the money you’re saving. Plus, many couples secretly wish they could add our boxes to their registry. Why? Because it’s the gift that keeps on giving…orgasms and fun in the bedroom.

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