Top 5 Sex Toys Every Guy Should Have in His Tool Box
Top 5 Sex Toys for Men

Top 5 Sex Toys Every Guy Should Have in His Tool Box

Guys, if your sex toy repetoire consists mainly of your hand, you are seriously missing out!  I don’t know when sex toys became cooler for girls than for guys, but somewhere the sexual revolution took over and I feel like men lost.  Every sex store seems geared towards women with walls of pink vibrators and dildos and then a dusty corner in the back with some 80’s looking porn stars and an aging wall of pocket pussies.  Well no more, it’s time to take our sex toys back!  Starting with . .

1.  A Masturbator.  Every dude should have one.  If you’ve never used one, run, don’t walk to buy one or let your fingers do the walking and buy one on line.  The sensation you can get from a masturbator is unlike anything you can get from your hand.  Masturbators comes in all different shapes, sizes, orificies, skin colors, price ranges.  You name it, there’s no excuse not to have one.  Start off with a disposable if you want to try it but we know you’ll be forking out for a Fleshlight before too long.


2.  Lubricant.  We cannot stress this one enough.  Every nightstand table should have lubricant.  And not just the cheap drug store lubricant.  Start investing in quality lubricant for a quality experience.  We love the feeling of silicone lubricant because it never dries out or gets tacky but if you’re using a silicone toy, you need a water-based lubricant.  Or try a Hybrid, a mix of silicone and water-based.  For added sensation, play around with heating and cooling lubricants or jelly lubricants which are thicker and stick to toys and your dick longer.


3.  A P-Spot Toy.  If you haven’t found your p-spot yet, you are missing out.  Much like the elusive G-Spot, the P-Spot is the key to a man’s orgasm.  There’s a reason anal sex feels so good and it’s called your prostate.  Explore butt play alone or during intercourse, you won’t regret it.Intro to Prostate Kit

4.  A Cock Ring.  If you’ve never used a cockring, you’re in for a treat.  A cock ring constricts the blood flow to your penis which will prolong ejaculation resulting in a longer and stronger orgasm.  Whether you are alone or with a partner, a cock ring will intensify your experience.  Try a vibrating cock ring around the base of your testes for an even bigger thrill.Vedo Drive Vibrating Ring_Gun Metal Grey

5.  Prolonger.  Whether this is applied as a gel or a spray, prolong your orgasm with the help of a handy prolonger.  Usually made with benzocaine, this will slightly numb the penis to make your experience last longer. Because a good orgasm, like a fine wine, is an experience that should not be rushed. JO PROLONGER SPRAY

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