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Toy Review: Zolo Backdoor Pocket Stroker

How does one without a penis write a review for a toy meant for a penis? I’ll tell you… by convincing my partner of three things: the first is that I would not get mad at him for using toys (definitely true), he’d be doing a service for the country in getting his opinions out there and defeating the stigma surrounding men using sex toys (absolutely true), and that he can get a water ice after every time he uses a toy for me (my wallet did not like that one).  Before I begin, only one of these sessions included me watching him masturbate but lemme tell ya how HOT it is to watch someone do that.  Sex does not have to always be about penetration; it can be just about that sensual experience you and your partner have and that is exactly what resulted in this week’s blog post thanks to the Zolo Backdoor Pocket Stroker.

So, Lancelot tends to masturbate solely in the shower for easy clean-up.  I occasionally do have to remind him that he’s tearing his dick up with his own prune-y hands and putting him out of commission for a few days (aka I’m getting eaten out until he recovers).  When I handed him this little blue gel cylinder of joy, I asked him to do what he normally would as well as switch it up.  Mr. Clean over here actually preferred using the Zolo outside of the shower!  Just imagine: the price of pleasure is worth a little bit of a mess.  Some good points made were that it did NOT work well with masturbator gels (Sir Richard’s Soak and Stroke Beat It Out; System Jo for Him H2o Gel) but worked well with thinner and water-based lubes (System Jo).  He also loved how this wrapped around his shaft rather than just covered it like other pocket pussies and strokers – he could better stimulate some finer erogenous zones.  Since there is nothing to catch semen, he would not recommend this to someone who is worried about having to clean anything.  But, this does work for those who always have that irrational -yes I am saying it, I fisted a Ride me Roxxxy up to my elbow I think you’re all fine- fear of bottoming out.  Backdoor is intended to mimic the feel of anal sex and although it can feel tighter than usual, he would not describe the feeling exactly as anal sex.

This little guy is, as I previously mentioned, a blue cylinder shape and about the size of a golf ball.  It has a beaded texture on the side and comes in 3 different versions: Backdoor (beaded), Girlfriend (realistic), and Original (ribbed).  I will say, the beaded version does not have ACTUAL beads, rather it is bumps within the channel made of the same material of the rest of the stroker.  Speaking of material, Zolo only describes it as “100% body safe material” but no actual indication as to what it is- so of course I did my research and found absolutely nothing.  My best guesstimate is that it is soft plastic (TPR/TPE) – safe with silicone lubes, BUT more porous so you need to wash it thoroughly AFTER EVERY USE.  Heck, use a condom with every use. The best part about this stroker is that Zolo does try to encourage couples play and the front of the packaging says that it can enhance oral play!  For you penis owners out there, it means sensations mixed together to become a new and fun experience.  And for (some) of you girls and guys out there  – it means no more gagging!  No, Lancelot and I did not use it in this capacity but I also don’t have a gag reflex so I didn’t feel the need to even try it.  I know it seems like cheating but if he already loves this thing and the combination of your tongue, he isn’t going to care if you aren’t reaching all the way down his shaft.  And if he does, well, throw out the whole boyfriend and get yourself a friend at my store. You deserve it.

Overall, this little guy is super inexpensive (yay!), super tiny to easily hide (super yay!) and can be used for solo or couples plays (always a massive plus).  I would highly recommend checking it out, especially for first-timers.  Fight the stigma, get yerself a stroker, TOYS FOR EVERYONE!

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